Mikael is an eccentric man, having worked many professions over his time, including 12 years on cargo ships the world over. In 2013 his dog fell life-threateningly ill, requiring a 30,000dkr operation that Mikael couldn’t afford. Instead of giving up on his friend, and after learning from others, he decided to sacrifice his own luxuries to save his companion. He began to dumpster dive, and now lives entirely off refuse he finds thrown out. His dog Sága, named after a nordic goddess, now stands guard, a noble comrade.

The food Mikael finds is good to eat still, often having been thrown out the same day due to supermarkets legally not being able to sell food with recent expiry and best before dates. 3-4 times a week he drives a route around his home city of Aarhus, Denmark, filling a small truck bed on the back of his three wheeled scooter with all sorts of things. His finds aren’t always limited to food, and he has filled his house with everything from kitchen appliances to furniture.

What Mikael can’t use himself he stores and gives away to others around Aarhus who are in need. Using a facebook page he runs called 'Robin Hoods madkammer', he and others around the city are able to share food in a safe and non judgemental environment. The group has over 6,000 members and a kind hearted, dedicated following. He recently gifted 500kg of pasta to an NGO that works in Denmark to make sure refugees are fed.

He is a modern day Robin Hood.